Wondering why more and more people are turning to Kingud for their biodegradable bike care products? It’s not JUST because they are all environmentally friendly – now a product of choice for World Cup Teams Atherton Racing, One Vision and Ride.io as well as manufacturer Cotic Bikes.
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Kingud make epic products to keep your bikes squeaky clean🧼 Definitely would recommend them!!! Also doing their part with refillable cans for when you run and and all their products are biodegradable😱Wouldn’t go anywhere else for cleaning & lubrication products!!!read more
Dan Jones
Great local products and eco friendly
Stuart French
Hands down the best cleaning product I’ve ever used 👍🏻
Ellis Dandy
What can I say, these guys have smashed it when it comes to bike cleaning and maintenance products. Not only is their cleaner top draw but the degreaser effortlessly cleans away dirt and grime ready for freshly applied lubricant which again is faultless ! Great work guys, keep it up! 🤘👌read more
James Mulka
cleaner works a treat. The repair and protect makes the bike looked brand new and keeps the mud off, Best of all, it's Silicone free! #fuckplasticread more
Tim 'Timmi D' Dixon
Best cleaning products I've used by far. Environmentally friendly and refills available too. Doesn't dull the frame in the same way some more aggressive, acidic products too. Will definitely be using and recommending Kingud!read more
Callum James
hands down the best products on the market right now and for the foreseeable future, I've used all the products for the last couple years now and wouldn't change brand at all now. what makes it better as its environmentally friendly also so its win win 👌👌👌read more
Niall Anderson
Kingud bike cleaner is by far the best cleaner I have ever used and I really like the refillable aluminium spray bottles
Benjis Bike Repairs
Absolutely brilliant product. Use it after every time I clean my bike. Keeps it looking like new. Water just beads off the frame. Easy to apply and polish. Recently bought a Matt finish second hand cube agree. It was in a bit of a state but Kingud has honestly made it look like new. After sales care is personal and brilliant. I stupidly dropped the bottle and smashed the pump dispenser. New one in the post the next day. Amazing. Environmentally conscious company. Refills in Evolution in Bangor. Great to save on plastic waste. Will definitely be doing this. Best of all it’s a local company supporting the cycling community with a new and innovative product. I’m happy to recommend to anyone. 10/10. Well done and keep up the good work.read more
Nic Moore
Used the degreaser, cleaner and polish over the weekend. really impressed with all 3. used a lot of the major brands and this blew them away. I wont be using anything else to clean my bikes again.read more
Craig Smith
Best products I’ve ever used to clean my bike and would never use anything els. Highly recommend
Jacey Harris
We have been using Kingud products for a couple of years now . after trying all the different products on the market by other manufacturers . And must say they are by far the best out there . making cleaning a real pleasure . Kingud are a great , friendly and knowledgeable company to deal with . Giving great support at the National Downhill Series . keep up the good work and thanks for great productsread more
Tim Fuell
After using the pretty much the whole range of Kingud products I couldn't be happier with them. The bike cleaner is especially awesome I couldn't recommend it enough!! Its great to see a local, family run business providing products that are better than the larger global manufacturers especially being that they are environmentally friendly! 5 Star Company!Kingud Productsread more
Dan Struthers
Fantastic product that I habe been using for about 6months now.. bike cleaner is one of the best that I have used, love their polish and protect for the frame. great range of the of products too. Their chain lube is brilliant to. they keep the sled looking and running prime.read more
Andrew Watson
Great quality products to keep the pride and joy gleaming. Enviro friendly and dare I say a lot more effective than some of the bigger brands out there, highly recommended 🤘🏼read more
Mathew Lambert
it is very very good product and it eco-friendly and the t-shirt and hoodies are in excellent quality and the Hats
Mart Mortimore
Bumped in to these guys @ The Naughty Northumbrian and was blown away by the quality of the cleaning products. The Protect & Renovate is without doubt the best stuff on the market and a must have for any rider! Cheers guys 👍🏼read more
Jake Gray
Great quality and good for the environment.
Rebecca Morris
Love using these ECO products. Full marks for the ‘renovate and protect’. Literally make my frames look brand new 👏👏👏👏read more
Clare Mitchell
Kingud Helmet freshener (oo-er obviously!) is amazing stuff , just tried it for the first time & I'm well impressed. Seriously, it's bloody good stuff!! 🙂read more
Peter Warner
Best products and service around
Xceed Muay Thai
Used all the range and can’t fault it. Been waiting for an environmentally friendly bike cleaner and degreaser for ages and a local company come up with it- even better. Got the T’shirt too! Order going in for refills. Give it a go.read more
Robin Sandham
Simon Rothwell
Fantastic range of products and excellent customer service. Pegasusmtb are very happy to use and recommend these products on all our courses that we run!read more
Tim Upston
I haven’t used anything else for years, amazing for cutting through caked on mud and keeping my bikes clean and maintained. What really seperates Kingud from the competition is the way it helps to look after the environment we all enjoy riding in so much! It smells great too . . But maybe that’s just meread more
Will Weston
Best products I’ve used over many years of racing. You need to try to believe the quality of the range Kingud offer!
Nathan Parsons
Love Kingud products, always super impressed when cleaning my bike, the bike cleaner is the best one I've tried yet, degreaser is the bomb, the renovate and protect gives my bike the best shine and makes cleaning easier the next time. My favourite product is the kit fresh, makes everything smell like a delight!!! I also use their chain lube which is fab and I have the bottle for life which is a super good idea. Cheers Kingud for looking after my ride and the environment!read more
Kelly Jayne
Without a doubt the best cleaning products on the market! Highly recommended. �
Myles James
Great eco friendly products produced by a local company, and they ride bikes!!
James Bruton
Works a treat and smells great. Bottle for life refills all the way. Chain lube is pretty slick too...
Aeron Roberts
Chris Cooke
Really impressed with the Kingud approach. I especially love the bottle for life! One less thing to throw away!
Tom Laws
Love these products. The protect is my favourite as brings everything up fresh and mud just falls off after.
Sean Robinson
Bought these products today at Cottic Demo and well what can I say bike has never been so clean and shiny since new. Will defiantly be buying more soon as these ones were actually requested by my Dadread more
Zoe Marie
Just started using these products and I am really impressed. The products are Great value and do the job perfectley. Also being environmental friendly is a massive bonus!.read more
Gruff Tomos
Having used plenty of other big brand cleaners over the years, this was a breath of fresh air! The only cleaner I’ve ever used that makes my brakes work better after washing them. Really impressive performance and its eco friendly, good work!!read more
Chris Hall
Absolutely awesome products. Particularly the renovate and protect for ease of cleaning and protecting the bike.Spend more time riding and less time cleaning with their range!read more
Richard Ayres
Super happy with this cleaner, as an mx enduro rider the bike gets more that mucky to say the least and was great to have the ease of the cleaner and degreaser to get the bike back to like new, and keep it that way with the protect, easily the best smelling product too �Talking about smells, the helmet freshener also works a treat �read more
Olly Ray
Amazing products and fantastic service !Can’t recommend these lads enough !!
George Waring
These cleaning products are the best products I have used by far! Gets rid of all dirt and polish’s up really well! I 100% recommend these products to anyone out there. Great work boys!�read more
Alfie Lloyd
Super impressed with the bike cleaner- it made light work of a pile of loam on top of 2 week old dirt! Degreaser worked really well on the drivetrain and smells lemony fresh. Big fan of the reusable alu spray bottle too, saves on having a shed full of big empty bottles �read more
Joby Newson
So impressed with these products, used these for the first time last week and after giving the bike a wash down with the sweet smelling bike wash and a degrease with the citrus degreaser my bike was sparkling. Then came the protect and renovate and wow this left my bike looking new again. Made up guys and to say this is all biodegradable is ace. Good work guys. Highly recommend all the products for anyone who want there bike looking new after a good beasting out in the good old British slop. Oh, forgot to mention how nice my shoes and helmet were left smelling from the helmet fresh! Well earned 5�'s from me guys �read more
Jimmy Nixon
After my local bike shop started stocking and using this product plus the fact the bottle is reusable I thought I would see why it’s all about. Have been using this product now for a few months and find it so good! It cleans even dried on mud and the horrible old oil residue off my chain! Would highly recommend this product to anyone. Makes cleaning the bike so easy!read more
Dan Thomas Addis
Works a absolute treat, bikes look bran new
Brad Shields
To be truthful I was a little sceptable about using your bike cleaner and degreaser only because I've always used muc off and thought as it was a top brand name other products wouldn't do as good a job ... BUT I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. And will be putting muc off back on the shelf ... Thank you and I look forward to using kungud products as my number one cleaner from now on ....read more
Eamonn Timmons
Leandro França
Makes your bike nice and shiny after a muddy ride and it’s good for the environment what’s not to like �
Jebb Wagonmaster
Great line of products for cleaning, lubing and protecting your mucky stuff.
Andy Cole
Best products run by the best dudes in mountain biking.small business in Wales let's support these guys
Dexter Thomas Lines
Just got it today and already very impressed, going to be getting the whole range of products next. Is it just me or does the cleaner smell like parma violet sweetsread more
Damo Gash
Whats all the KINGUD hype about then well you aint going to recive a better finish. With the renovate & protect my matt finish paint was quite dull after a couple of months. First ever application of KINGUD bike cleaner the dirt and grime lifted off really easily just what you want after a ride. I then tried the renovate & protect the paint is back to a almost new standard. My bike looks that good im unsure i want to take it out again. Thanks again matt i will be spreading the KINGUD love all over 🖒read more
Peter Raitt
Great stuff and is well recommend, degreaser was brilliant too minimal effort just spray it on leave it for 5 and it practically falls off! Great products for the bike. Very good reception at Tour de Mon, very helpful !read more
Jac Marzelos
Been my go to cleaner and degreaser for a couple of months now. Both products do a brilliant job. The cleaner brings the bike up gleaming and the degreaser does an ace job of getting rid of all the horrible grime on the drivetrain. The helmet/shoe freshener does a surprisingly good job of keeping the stank away too. Great points reward scheme from Kingud, doesn't take a million years to build up some real good money saving value like many other reward schemes! Got some chain lube on the way to try but sick products so far mean I have high hopes!read more
Tom Akesson
Callum Beever
Instagram @Themtbshed - My first time using Kingud Products bike cleaner, degreaser and chain lube did the perfect job. It got all the Fort William grime from all of the crevices on my bike. The degreaser did a cracking job of removing all the black grimy oil from my chain and the wet lube is solid and lasts for ages. I would recommend this over the mainstream cleaner such as Muc-Off, and with better quality bottles and products than them too, also at better prices!!100% recommend�read more
Zac Higham
I recently bought the detailing spray and the protector from Llangollen bike fest last weekend. The products are brilliant easy to apply and leave a great finish. And as an added extra they even smell nice. Will be buying these products again.read more
Eric Humph Humphreys
Chatted to the guys at llangollen bike festival last weekend and walked away with the De greaser , wash , polish and lube. All I can say is OMG firstly the wash spray on rinse off that's it no scrubbing etc. Then the degreaser, use it in a park tool device chain is totally spotless looks like new. Then the polish protector only used this once so far but what little did stick came of so easily. As for the lube time will tell but drivetrain is quiet and it has not attracted dirt and gunk so far and that's in north Wales and we do mud really well. Top top stuff.read more
Richard Harris
After using many mainstream cleaners for a long time and getting ok results I was sceptical about a New UK based brand and how their products could be any better. Being classed as a 'Bike Pimp' I'm always maintaining and cleaning my ride and I get through a lot of products. So, are these products ok, excellent or outstanding??? Well on using the 'Bike Cleaner' first impressions were good, it smells great and doesn't make your fingers sting when you spill a little which was reassuring that it wasn't damaging my bike. As for cleaning power it's fantastic and cuts through dirt and grim with ease. The degreaser was amazing too making the cassette and chain return to near new condition, whilst smelling awesome!The product that blew me away was the 'Renovate and Protect', this is the bomb! It brings life back to dull plastic, Carbon and makes anodised parts shine bright again. It's organic and doesn't contain silicon meaning it repels water and makes dirt not stick as well! My dad restores classic motor bikes and has been using this, he loves it!!! Whilst participating at Ard Rock so many people asked me if my bike was new, it's not, in fact it's about 3 years old and the Kingud products did this! 10/10 recommended for anyone who wants to clean less, keep their bike looking like new and smelling fresh ����read more
Greg Fisher
Amazing stuff! Especially the lube and degreaser.
Beth Wilson
We have been using all the products since meeting the guy's at the Welsh Enduro at Foel Gasnach. We are now a full stockist of their great products.As we are a service and repair business we need reliable, cost effect but most of all quality lubes and cleaners to use day in day out. Kingud product ooze all of the above, and being biodegradable and local why would we use anything else. Pop in store to buy yours today and support your local businesses.read more
John Macclelland
Anna-Maria Gittins
We have been using Kingud products for a while now, our clients love it as do we. The degreaser is amazing as is the bike wash and I love the fact that it is all biodegradable and is a company based in Wales - Highly recommend these products.read more
Polly Clark
We've been using the full suite of Kingud products for 6 months now. Great dry/wet lube that hugs on the chain whatever the weather, then comes off with the excellent degreaser, winner! The frame protect is also a big favourite after using the bike wash, frame, bars etc look mint! For us above all is the eco friendly element to Kingud's products, knowing that we aren't destroying the environment every time we wash down our bikes down.read more
Phillip Stasiw
I've been using the cleaner since December 16, brilliant stuff. Way better than Muc Off! I wash the bike in the garden so it's nice to know I'm not soaking the area where my kids play with nasty stuff either...as it's environmentally friendly too!read more
Matt Jones
What a product these guys can make! Cleaner, degreaser work wonders on my yamaha r6 as you can see in the photos! Would recommend these guys to anyone! Thanks once again Matt at Kingud for sorting me out!read more
Shaun Bailiff
I always use Kingud products and I'm glad to supply everyone with reliable and successful bike care.
Matthew Snape
Hannah Cassidy

*the reviews above are genuine and content has not been edited – they may include comparisons with other products – these are solely the opinion of the reviewer and are not based on any emperical testing



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