Look after your ride and the environment you ride in!

The Kingud Biodegradable Bike Care range is formulated and produced in the UK then blended and bottled right here in the Snowdonia National Park, an ideal testing ground as well an icon to ecology and environmental conservation.

We are not pretending to be saving the planet but as well as reducing the amount of plastics going to landfill we are also doing our bit in minimising the amount of harmful substances being released into the land and rivers and that can only be a good thing.

We really enjoy our environment and we want to help enable future generations to enjoy it too.

Our product comes in either recyclable or, even better, re-usable containers to minimise waste and orders are dispatched in either recycled, reclaimed or cross cycled packaging.

The Kingud refill system saves on the use of raw materials and its carbon footprint by supplying concentrated refills in containers that can be returned and re-used.

Kingud refill stations are now available in a growing number of bike shops up and down the country but no matter how or where you get your refill it will cost less, be more eco-friendly and could even be more sociable!

We hope you like our carefully formulated biodegradable recipes enough to spread the word.

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