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Money saving bundle containing either a 1 ltr plastic bottle or FREE UPGRADE to our 500ml aluminium Bottle For Life. of our biodegradable wash, a concentrated refill (makes another 1 litre), 250ml of our fast acting citrus degreaser, our two plant based, biodegradable chainlubes (wet and dry) plus the new formula protect – your bike will love you for it!

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Many modern composite bikes have surfaces which can be damaged by traditional solvent based cleaners. Kingud biodegradable bike cleaner is a water based product that lifts mud, dirt, salt, brake dust, oil, and insect remains quickly and safely from wet or dry surfaces – use it on your brakes too – always rinse thoroughly. Kingud multi-surface cleaner for bikes will help keep your favourite ride in pristine condition. Kingud Chain Lube is an eco friendly, 100% biodegradable plant based oil that is ideally suited for all types of cycling. With two specially formulated viscosities for riding in wet or dry weather, this chainlube will keep your drivetrain smooth and your gearshifts quiet. With a unique captive screw drip system you won’t be losing any more caps. Kingud biodegradable citrus degreaser is a fast effective chain/drivetrain cleaner specifically formulated to quickly and safely remove chain grime from your ride including your cassettes, derailleur and rear wheel without harming the environment. Its Kingud formula quickly breaks down oil and grease to ensure your ride is working at maximum efficiency. Kingud “Protect & Renovate” (yep, you guessed it, biodegradable) contains NO silicon. If you are looking for a deep, lustrous finish for your ride then only a Kingud product will do. Try it on your frame, anodised parts, plastics, carbon fibre – you will be amazed by the results this adaptive finish can deliver, matt, silk, it brings out the best in them all.


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