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Kingud high performance wax chainlube is made from a unique eco friendly  formula that uses organic alcohol as a carrier in place of water meaning higher wax content for optimum lubrication, added durability and faster drying times. With a specially tuned viscosity for riding in all conditions and minimising friction, our chain wax will keep you pedalling longer and your drivetrain smoother & cleaner for longer. Its also made right here in the UK.


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Kingud High Performance Wax Chainlube uses an organic alcohol suspension so you get the perfect result every time, more wax, minimum waste, excellent durability and less waiting around. It is suitable for all weather conditions, wet or dry. With exceptional penetrating properties this Kingud product is setting new standards for high performance Wax Chainlubes – it ensures the lube reaches all the essential parts – between the plates and inside the rollers-  for a smoother, cleaner drivetrain.

Kingud High Performance Wax Chainlube – look after your ride and the environment you ride in.

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